This plant is free floating and does not utilize a standard root system  like other submersed plants.  They have  finely divided leaves scattered along the stem with many small structures that look like bladders attached to the leaves.Duckweeds are members of the family containing the world's smallest flowering plants. They are generally a very small floating green plant, usually smaller than your smallest fingernail.  Often mistaken for algae, this plants floats on the surface of water and reproduces very rapidly.This plant is extremely small, no larger than a pin head.  It shows no visible roots and looks like green cornmeal or grits.  The smallest of the flowering plants, it is usually very abundant when present.  It is often mistaken for seeds floating on the surface.
Lemnaceae spp.
Floating Plants

Plants with leaves that float on the surface and are rooted on the bottom.  Free-Floating surface plants with a well developed root system or obtain their nutrients directly from the water through the cell walls.  Water is critical for support of the plant or its leaves.

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Wolffia spp.
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Spatterdock also known as Yellow Cow Lily has large heart-shaped leaves, commonly 8" to 16" long.  Flower is bright yellow, with  single row of petals.  Prefers muck or silt bottom in stagnant, shallow areas.Water shield has oval floating leaves with smooth edges, commonly 2" to 5" in diameter and produces maroon to purplish flowers, with a single row of petals.  Prefers muck or silt bottom in shallow areas.White Water Lily has large round leaves , commonly 6" to 12" in diameter.  The underside of the leaf is purplish-red and the flower is white with multiple rows of petals.  Prefers muck or silt bottom in shallow areas.
Brasenia schreberi
White Waterlily
Nymphaea odorata

Spatterdock, cow lily
Nuphar advena

Utricularia foliosa
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