Surface water movement can be achieved by the addition of a fountain, which is also aesthetically pleasing to both see and hear.  ANPC/Northern Division offers a complete line of fountains, surface and sub-surface aeration systems, as well as an extensive line of accessories.  Custom installation, removal, and seasonal storage services can also be provided. 
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Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control/Northern Division, 3930 Perry Holt Road, West Branch, MI  48661
AceAugusta 5HPBayside 3.5 HPBaytree 5HPBirdie 5HPBiscayne 3.5 HPCaptiva 5HPChampion 3.5HPCrown GeyserCrownCrystal Geyser 2HPCypress 2 HPDiamondback Double Eagle 2HPEagle 3.5 HPFirestone 5HPGeyserHalfmoon 5HPLakewood Longbow 5HPMaster GeyserPrestwick 5HPSanibel 5HPSawgrassTurnberry 3.5HPValhalla
Fountain Patterns:  Master Series
Authorized Service Center for AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators.