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Water is the most abundant compound on Earth, yet faces some of the most significant threats of any natural resource.  Implementing advanced monitoring, assessment and management technologies is essential to preserving and restoring our valuable water resources.

Water quality is a measure of the characteristics and condition of water.  Water quality standards, established locally and federally, protect such beneficial uses of water such as sustaining fish and other aquatic life, swimming and providing drinking water for people, livestock and wildlife.  Water quality parameters vary seasonally and are influenced by numerous internal and external factors.  For example, a trend of increasing phosphorus levels over time can document a growing human health and ecological concern with a shift  to less desirable and potentially toxic cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) species.  Elevated levels of water quality parameters may also exceed established threshold levels for impaired waterbodies and may result in violations of federal, state and/or local ordinances.

Why monitor? Routine assessment of key water quality parameters provides valuable information about the health of a waterbody.  Analysis and documentation of water quality parameters provide data necessary to prompt and assess management activities, establish and achieve ecological benchmarks and comply with regulatory thresholds. 

SeSCRIPT Analysis incorporates EPA analytical methods and site specific prescription services for improved management of algae and water quality.  SeSCRIPT analysis and reporting is rapid, accurate and economical.

  • Water Quality Analytical Services
The Water Quality Bundle provides an analysis of baseline water quality.  The bundle includes the following water parameters: alkalinity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, hardness, pH, phosphorus (total and free reactive), turbidity, chlorophyll and total nitrogen for a complete assessment. 

  • Algae & Water Quality Prescription Services

Algae ID Panel - include algae identification, classification, description and density, or biomass enumeration.

Algae & Baseline Water Quality Panel - provides Algae ID plus water quality analysis including: alkalinity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, hardness, pH, phosphorus (total and free reactive) and turbidity.

Comprehensive Algae & Water Quality Panel -includes all the services included in the Algae & Baseline Plus Water Quality Panel, including total dissolved solids and total suspended solids analysis.

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