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So you can fully enjoy your summer

Improve Fishing Access

Swim and Boat Freely

Less Hassle

Lakes can bring Frustration instead of Enjoyment

Due to:

  • Unsightly overgrown weeds limit lake access for swimming, boating, and fishing

  • Large scums of smelly algae grow around the shore

  • Potentially toxic cyanobacteria blooms make the lake unuseable

  • Invasive aquatic plants can deteriorate your lake's ecosystem

  • Large stands of phragmites can block your beautiful lake view, reduced good native plants, and cause a loss of wildlife

  • Poor water quality exacerbates weed and algae growth

  • Lake management companies that provide poor service and shutdown the lake without adequate notification

Don't deal another summer with these problems

Restore your lake,

    Enjoy your summer

SWIM FREELY - because the area around the dock and beach will be clean

NO STRUGGLE - to drive your boat away from the dock to enjoy a day on the lake or an evening cruise


IMPROVE FISHING - with reducing snags from weeds and gaining access to your favorite fishing hole


ENJOY YOUR BEACH -  from a beautiful shoreling or after reclaiming from an impentrable wall of phragmites.

BETTER EXPERIENCE - with adequate prior notification before treatment services and management plans that meet your goals.



Algae and Pondweeds in Lake

Trust in Us

We understand the nuisance that overgrown aquatic plants and algae can have and how it interferes with enjoying your lake and your summer. Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control has spent the past 30 years restoring over 50 lakes across northern Michigan so lake residents could fully enjoy their summers. 

How to Make your Summer Better


Speak with an expert today to share your lake problems and learn how we can help



We will work with you and other lake members to find how our services will meet your goals and not break the bank



We implement the plan to deal with the problems so you can focus on enjoying your summer.


Your Summer Awaits!

          At Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control we know that you want to be a happy and proud lakefront owner. In order to do that, you need to make the most out of the summertime at the lake. The problem is that overgrown aquatic plants and algae or water quality issues makes you feel that every summer you can not enjoy your lake. We believe lakes should be healthy and balanced for the needs of people, wildlife, and the environment. We understand the interference of an unclean swimming area, nuisance of constantly cleaning weeds off your boat, or anguish of an unsightly lakeview. This is why we have spent over the past 30 years restoring lakes in northern Michigan.

          Here’s how we do it: 1. First you need to contact us to start diagnosing your problem  2. We build a plan to meet your goals that does not break the bank  3. We implement lake management that restores your lake. So call us today so you can stop wasting your summers dealing with overgrown aquatic plants and algae and instead focus on having your best summer and be proud of your life on the lake.

How we can Restore your Lake

Lake Management

Phragmites Control


Water Quality

Biological Augmentation

Consulting Services

Request Services

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