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Phragmites on beach




  • Lost sight of your beach or lakefront view due to excessive Phragmites growth?

  • Battling on your weekends trying to cut, mow, and remove these plants so you can reach the lake with your boat?

  • Difficulty selling your lakefront property or worried about how Phragmites has decreased your property value?

  • Need to eliminate this plant before it spreads over a larger area?



  • Have us implement a management plan that effectively uses aquatic products that will control those plants over multiple years, and allow good native plants to return

  • We can do the strenuous work of cutting and mowing down dead stalks to reclaim you view

Phragmites Survey
Phragmites Treatment
Cutting Phragmites

Our Process

Every lake shore or wetland is different, we work with you to assess the site and your goals to create a proper management plan. We will handle all the permits, implement the management plan so you can reclaim your lakeshore or wetland! Give us a call today if you would like to manage your phragmites or other wetland plants.

Qualified and Equipped

  • Over 10 years managing phragmites and wetland plants on shorelines of inland lakes and the Great Lakes

  • Proper equipment to manage and cut phragmites

  • Crews are professionals, certified and trained

  • Use of the best aquatic technologies available

  • We handle all the required permits and paperwork

Argo and Phragmites
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